My Lagoon


One of the perks of working in the hotel industry is being able to afford staying in luxury hotels at ridiculously cheap staff rates. Additionally, if you know someone in your destination hotel, or know someone who knows someone else, depending on availability, you could be the lucky receiver of an upgrade, or the lucky B (bi or ba) in the eyes and mind of any envious one outside the industry.My upgrade tonight was to a lagoon room!!! I had seen a photo and was dreaming of it at one point on the way from Abu Dhabi. My mind however, you know the one in the passenger seat, pushed me off that cloud and back on to the road reminding me that my dreams/expectations/illusions and the blurred line I draw between all three of them are the causes of my regular disappointments. I wasn’t in the mood for a fight today, so we agreed to disagree. I stop dreaming of my lagoon room and he stops nagging.

Back to my room, I leave the Guest Services agent talking and head anxiously towards the balcony, thinking I need to be sure this is the one. And yes ladies and gentlemen, it IS the one!

That’s right, one step away from my lagoon. Be jealous, be sooooo jealous … and tell me about it.

My morning sight
... not bad huh?!

I will not write about the hotel or the rooms in here for two reasons. For one, my blog is where I concentrate on things I see through my eyes, not necessarily objectively. Oh well. Second reason is that I doubt I’d be doing a better job than the hotel’s own website. You can check it here if interested. I do hope they mention somewhere that at the Al Bustan Palace, you switch the lights on in your room the instinctual way without having to take back the key you unconsciously dropped a second ago in your pocket/bag (regardless of the repetition) and insert it into a thing in the wall. This is in my opinion a most heavenly feature. 

I shouldn’t have listened to my manicurist, the photo would’ve been perfect with blue nail polish

Not an early riser in general, I become one the next day. I believe good things in life are worth the sacrifice. Good things like sipping my cappuccino on my own patio, meditating in the best way I know of while listening to the only creatures allowed to make a sound at this time –birds and starting this blog. I did have the extra benefit of gazing at a cute guy’s ass whilst he’s jogging but I guess it’s just luck and not really included in any package.

Keeping the best till last, my main reason for waking up early is the fact that I wanted to swim in my lagoon. Many may disagree, arguing that it’s shared, but hey look around people, we have an undeniable fact in here. At 8 something of the morning of 19th December 2010, this is officially MY LAG-OH-OON!

Did I leave the lights on last night?!?     

My Lagoon (period) (.)


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