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It’s not about giving up


For many years, I thought sitting still and letting things happen without stirring them in the direction I want is a form of passivity I would live to regret. This fear, like other kinds of fears referred to in online pedias, was more of a controlling drive for me to always instigate and cause a reaction as long as I don’t look back and admit the hideous ‘what if’ one day. I had to come to terms with so many ‘what ifs’ at a relatively advanced phase of my life that allowing one more of them represented another possibility of failure ….. and loss of opportunity, happiness …… or so I thought.

It's about going forward the best way you can ... until it stops raining

A rainy December day in KL - Malaysia 2009

Quite a few crisis, bumps and bruises down the road, I discovered lately that sometimes in life, you do your best in certain situations then you sit on the sidelines and watch. Some situations need to be allowed to run their natural courses without continuous interferences from our side. Because they simply need to settle on their own before they give back to us ……. or not. They at least need to be allowed this choice. This needs not be a time of mute confusion, anxiousness and stress but a time to let time do what it has to do. You keep going forward the best way you can while occasionally pausing, giving it a fresh glimpse in a light less tapered by emotions, getting ready for a new lesson. One of learning acceptance of what might and might not be and acceptance that progress -even when we don’t see it as one to our advantage- can sometimes come entirely from external influences rather than from anything we push.

PS: photo is only figuratively related to the post.