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Out on the town of Lagos


So I made it to the Three Monkeys that night.

Click on the photo and read the sign!

I took this photo the evening before on my way back from my ad hoc date, the same date I had to rush and end when I realized on my second drink that I had forgotten to shave my left arm earlier that morning. The sign at the door, in addition to the loud music coming from the inside, made me determined to be back on another sober evening. Yes it does say: ‘Hot weather is God’s way of telling us to drink cold beer and jager, cheers Jesus!’. If you think this was the only quirky and cool thing about this place, you cannot be further from reality.

Lagos is full of them –the bars. They’re all over the town, a stone’s throw from each other and appear in almost every photo I took. As a matter of fact, aside from its beautiful beaches (providing surfing opportunities for some, just lazing breaks for others), the vibrant night life makes up one of the main attractions of Lagos, making it by far the most visited town in the Algarve area of Portugal. The majority of visitors get to know about its history once they’re already there. I have to mention that its history is quite substantial that I will dedicate a separate post for it.

Narrow cobbled streets full of cafes, restaurants, shops, bars (Bon Vivant, Taberna de Lagos, Eddie’s, Zanzi Bar, Bar 21, DCs). CLICK ON THE PHOTO FOR A LARGER VIEW AND TO CAPTURE THE AMBIANCE.

Back to the Three Monkeys – the plan was to have 2 drinks and head back home. I usually give myself the time of one slow drink when I go to a bar alone in a new city. My few days in Lagos however proved to me that it is a town where it’s relatively easy to hook up with anyone over a drink, swim, chat, etc. and laugh the day or the night away.

One of the many framed pictures.

It all started with a chat with the really friendly bartender before I was lured into accepting her invite for a free shot along with some other people at the bar. Communication was easy, in English as many of the staff working at bars in Lagos are from Australia, UK, Ireland and other places, folks who drop by for a season of work, of a stress-free existence and hmmm probably of a dose of excesses of all kinds. Few fall into the black hole of Lagos and stick around for years -my out of the blue date is one of them. After all, it is true when they warn visitors that Lagos is a difficult place to leave. I personally delayed my departure by 6 hours, trying to soak the most of this town and this ‘most’ was mainly its intangible relaxed atmosphere.

The crowd was awesome, in a great party mood. None were Portuguese though, only few, very few mixed Portuguese. The majority were Canadians, Aussies, Kiwis, Brazilians, Dutch, UKish, etc. and moi.

Another drink, more amazing chilled tunes, laughs around the pool table in the back, shaking it around that same table, I tried as best as I can and as regularly as I can to capture it all with my Canon EOS.

Believe me when I say ‘as best as I can’ because there is too much happening at this fun crazy joint. It’s not just people dancing and jumping, the usual you see everywhere. It’s some taking their pants down, bartenders dancing on the bar, setting it ablaze at one point, sprinkling the crowd with alcohol, people going for the beer funnel, the hide and seek and shower game with the staff. Anything goes at this bar. And then more shots!!! Did I mention the drinks in Lagos are strong?! As in with really high alcohol content?! At great prices too!!! Here are some photos to give you an idea of my night.


The following morning, I opened my eyes having the greatest feeling in the world, one of an empty head … though in a bit of pain. I don’t know what time I left but once you’re used to traveling alone, you’re led by your instincts when it comes to knowing the right time to return home. It was my last day in Lagos  and I was partly regretting having not been to this crazy bar earlier during my stay in Lagos. Then again, there’s a reason for everything. I probably wouldn’t have been able to tick off my list all the other things I did in Lagos and Algarve had I been there before.


Exploring Portugal


Map from planetware

Hello everyone!

I’m on a trip to Portugal from 3rd to 19th May, spending time in Lisbon the capital, Porto up north and Lagos down south.

I opened a page on facebook sharing briefs and photos from the road on a daily basis.

Until I am back to writing detailed blogs about what I see, do and experience there, I do hope you enjoy my daily updates on Anne Marie does Portugal‘s page and a beautiful Portuguese song I heard here.

See you soon 🙂 and much love to you all.

AM xx